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"Blessings & Divine Wisdom (Angelic) Readings


"ON POINT - As always Cyndi, you are on point. You are such an excellent coach that you push the buttons of reality ALL THE TIME. I encourage anyone who needs a coach to obtain clarity with this Wise Woman. Cyndi Harris is a woman sent by the Divine Feminine to help women of today overcome issues in their lives." - Cheryl: Realtor, Mortgage Broker, Entreprenuer - S FL

Divine/Angelic Wisdom readings work similiar to your car radio. You turn to a certain station... vibrational frequency... and you hear the music of your choice.

A reading is basically you actively tuning into the vibrational frequency of God/Goddess/Universal Mind for information about your life. The information received is personal and may help you view your life with more clarity and less anxiety.

Allow the... U
nconditional love... Joy... And wisdom of the Divine unlock the blessings and miracles in your life. Your personal information is available for the asking.

So, what would you like to know about?
  • Your career/business options
  • Love/Romance
  • Your health
  • Or any other life change that has you concerned, confused, or curious.
  A Divine Wisdom Reading 
session includes:
  • 60 minute session live or by phone
  • Keepsake mp3 recording of your session 
  • Written feedback and Divine guidance instructions from your reading; sent as a pdf within 48 -72 hours of your reading (up to 8 pages)


Book your session today.
Fill out the form below so, Cyndi may contact you and set up your private reading. The answers you receive will amaze you.

Angelic/DivineWisdom Reading
Comments (Wisdom Reading):

"I Am at Peace."
 Pleasure & Prosperity Waistbeads
(Can also be worn as a necklace)

Lapis lazuli & turquoise jewelry has been found in the tombs of pharoahs, queens, & some of the wealthiest people of all time. Start your private collection today with this gorgeous custom made waistbead. Show off & embrace the passion, pleasure, & prosperity that lives within you.

This piece is made to order so, I will need your specific waist or below the belly button measurements. 
(These measurements will determine where your beads will rest on your body.)

"The Treasure Chest "

is my line of fine & luxurious gemstone jewelry. Each piece is a custom-created work of art; designed with the wearers ambitions, goals, and needs in mind. Treat yourself to a piece of life changing earth (Gaia) wisdom.

Below are examples of a few of my premade & made to order (Bespoke) pieces.

" I Am at Peace"

Lapis Lazuli, Gold Hematite, & Turquoise Waist Beads
(This piece is custom made so, I will need your specifc measurements. I will contact you by email once I have received your order.)


"Peace & Prosperity"
(Last set available -
free shipping)
Lapis lazuli, gold hematite, & turquoise

(Favorite stones of some of the wealthiest women of all time.)

This set of bracelets will assist your progress on the path to fulfilling your best dreams with true grace & ease.
(Master Manifestations)

The Treasure Chest Info Form
First Name:
Last Name:
Birthday MM/DD:
Zip Code: (5 digits)


Amethyst, gold hematite,
& black onyx

Universal/Divine wisdom, intuition, increased confidence, feeling protected and safe; these are a few of the qualities upgrades you will enjoy when wearing this beautiful healing bracelet.

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